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"If You Want To Make A Million Dollars in The Sock Business Start With Two Million"


An Old Saying in this Business


" We are not in it to make a Million Just An descend  Living and That's  one of  the Reasons we are still here" 


















































































Woodland Hosiery, Inc., established in 1996, is run by the Bowles family. With over 35 years of experience in the textile manufacturing industry, Jimmy Bowles and his staff bring together over 100 years of combined experience to Woodland Hosiery, Inc. 

In 1974 Jimmy went to work for his brothers at Bowles Hosiery. When Jessie began his own knitting business in 1977, JRB&J Knitting, Jimmy worked with this company as well. 

In the decades of working in the textile industry, Jimmy worked with the following companies (not necessarily in date order); Russell Harvell, Sox Inc., Socks by Jiles/Forest Hosiery, Pee Dee Hosiery, Candor Hosiery, DS&M (making just under two dollars an hour in 1976) and worked with Bob Jacobs, building machines. 

Woodland Hosiery, Inc. began in the same building that DS&M had begun their knitting business in....20 years later. In 1999, Woodland Hosiery moved from this particular building to another nearby location, the site where Pee Dee Hosiery had operated. This building had been built in the late 1950's. 

At some points, Woodland Hosiery, Inc. has employed up to 49 employees, running three shifts - an important business in Montgomery County - employing locals, supporting other local businesses, and standing the test of not only the economic crisis but the fast-fading textile industry nationwide.

In late 2001, there was a tangible decline in the level of business that textile mills in the area were doing. Business was slow. The larger mills in the area weren't able to weather the economic storm. This started a sort of domino effect, and, sadly, mills like Renfro moved or closed down, and then Russmont, Claysons, Montgomery, Russell Harvell and Candor Hosiery shut down one by one.

According to IBISWorld analysts, the rise in offshoring activity has driven industry globalization and downstream demand from consumers, who demand quality products at low prices. "As a result, many firms have offshored a large portion of their manufacturing capabilities in an attempt to reduce costs and remain competitive," said IBISWorld Industry Analyst Sally Lerman.

Once asked how his mill has been able to survive, Jimmy said that Woodland Hosiery, Inc. "survived by a thread" - with the building paid for and low overhead (he often worked alone) business was slow, but there were a few customers that were loyal and consistent, although their orders might have seemed small. Lastly, Jimmy said he was "too  stubborn to quit," as he has always preferred working for himself.

On the morning of June 12, 2011 the mill was on fire. Only two tangible items were salvaged from the business: an air compressor and a vacuum unit. It was time to weigh the options - build the business again from scratch or go to work for someone else. The intangible discovery was the support of the loyal customers: Faced with finding another source or waiting for Woodland Hosiery to rebuild - they chose to wait. 

A building was located and purchased that same summer and between July and September the mill was back in operation ready to ship as promised - just after Labor Day in early September of 2011. 

Since 2011 Woodland Hosiery has been going Strong Jimmy has been Joined by his Son Adam who wants to carry on the Family Business  to the next Generation... I'am not in it to make a Million just a Living , Jimmy says Woodland Hosiery is Thankful for the Loyal Customers some since 1996 and we Ship our Products from North Carolina to California, New Hampshire To Alabama.  


Woodland Hosiery takes Pride in there Products all the Products they manufacturer are made right here in there North Carolina Plant they buy nothing that is Imported and try to resale as American Made if it has the Woodland Name its American Made for Real.       


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